The majority of Mr. Goss's photography is taken in an outdoors environmental portraiture style taking advantage of natural lighting and supplementing with reflectors and flash. Typically Mr. Goss shoots on location either at each models home or, weather permitting, at various parks in the vicinity. A full traveling studio is available if the models would prefer studio lighting rather than environmental portraiture. Mr. Goss photographs a variety of people and age is never a question. He finds capturing subjects from children to seniors intensely rewarding. Mr. Goss typically works on a time for print basis. TFP simply means that the models will receive free pictures or images on a CD to add to their portfolios in exchange for the time they give to the photographer. This is beneficial to both parties especially for models who are inexperienced or just starting off and would like to start a modeling portfolio. All photography is shot with a Nikon D200 and various supplemental professional flash units and reflector systems. When capturing subjects and artificial light is necessary, Mr. Goss has access to full studio equipment made available through his mentor. This includes high-powered flash units, umbrellas, tripods and backdrops.
 - - - -   “Life is beautiful and it’s why I take pictures.”   - - - -           Copyright (C) Paul Goss Photography.   All Rights Reserved. Photographic Style: natural portraiture