- - - -   “Life is beautiful and it’s why I take pictures.”   - - - -           Copyright (C) Paul Goss Photography.   All Rights Reserved. A little bit about myself.
Mr. Goss's passion for capturing images through film began in high school when he belonged to the schools audiovisual club. Later under the direction of a local videographer from Yarmouth Nova Scotia, he assisted him with recording video footage for the local cable broadcasting company. This experience plus photographic tasks at the high school prompted him to pursue cinematography after graduating from high school. Upon completing his high school Mr. Goss traveled to New York City to study cinematography at a New York film academy. While in New York he filmed and directed several short films and garnered a love for the film industry. He returned to Nova Scotia with the necessary experience and to undertake several more short films. Unfortunately, everyone knows working as a cinematographer (especially in a smaller city) is without a doubt a ticket to joining the starving artists community. Consequently, to support his passion for film, he worked part time for a photographic processing company. While printing pictures and processing film he worked along side another photographic student who was apprenticing under a professional photographer. While Mr. Goss continued to work at the photo lab he formed a friendship with the other budding photographer and initiated a newfound enjoyment in still photography. Eventually he was offered the same opportunity apprenticing with and began the highly experience profession. Presently, he still works along side this professional photographer as his assistant; and in his spare time he expands his own portfolio through photography under the direction of his mentor. And although his eventual aim to achieve his credentials as a highly respected professional master photographer will take some time, Mr. Goss currently pursues experience in the fashion field working with models. He also undertakes many more photographic assignments while still hoping to expand on the roots he formed in cinematography.